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About Us

Global Special Gas Service Co.,Ltd specializes in industrial gases, high purity gases, and special gases, including oxygen, argon, helium, carbon dioxide,s ulfur hexafluoride (SF6),r efrigerant R-134A, R-123, R-404A, R407C,etc. We also provide various specifications of seamless steel gas cylinders and equipment.

Global Special Gas Service Co.,Ltd

Room 1509 Star International Building
Foshan, Guangdong

TELEPHONE +86 0757-28972690
FAX +86 0757-28978025
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Product Categories

Fluid & Gas Handling | Flow Control

Valves, Gas

Valves, Hydraulic

Gases, Industrial and Specialty

Gas Supply & Control

Gas, Ammonia (NH3)

Gas, Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Gas, Carbon-Tetrachloride (CCl4)

Gas, Fluorine (F)

Gas, Helium (He)

Gas, Hydrogen (H)

Gas, Krypton (Kr)

Gas, Methane (CH4)

Gas, Nitrogen (N)

Gas, Oxygen (O)

Gas, Tri-Iodide (I3-)

Gas, Xenon (Xe)