Awarded to companies that manufacture and/or distribute eco-friendly products; and/or their products are used primarily in eco-friendly applications.
Awarded to companies whose production facilities and manufacturing processes are eco-friendly.
Awarded to companies that recycle materials and dispose all hazardous and toxic waste in an eco-responsible manner.
Awarded to companies that are highly energy efficient.

About Us

Foshan Huate Gas Co. is a professional gas manufacturer specializing in supplying industrial gas and speciatly gas. For example, argon, krypton, xenon, sulfur dioxide, ethylene and silane gas, Our company is located in Foshan, China with 13 subsidiaries.

Foshan Huate Gas Co., Ltd

Foshan, Guangdong

CONTACTS Damon Huang
TELEPHONE +86-757-85115270
FAX +86-757-85126929
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Product Categories

Gases, Industrial and Specialty

Gas, Ammonia (NH3)

Gas, Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

Gas, Fluorine (F)

Gas, Hydrogen (H)

Gas, Krypton (Kr)

Gas, Methane (CH4)

Gas, Nitrogen (N)

Gas, Oxygen (O)

Gas, Tri-Iodide (I3-)

Gas, Xenon (Xe)