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About Us

DELTA is the leading supplier of advanced optical filters. For 50 years DELTA enables customers to offer high performing optical instruments by applying latest design and process technologies. DELTA offers a wide range of efficient, durable hard coated filters that set standards in the market place.

DELTA Optical Thin Film

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Product Categories

Materials | Coatings | Chemicals | Adhesives

Coatings, Anti Reflective (AR)

Coatings, Bandpass

Coatings, Beamsplitter

Coatings, Broadband Antireflective (BBAR)

Coatings, Color Correction

Coatings, Dichroic

Coatings, Dielectric

Coatings, Dielectric Thin Film

Coatings, Optical

Coatings, Reflective

Coatings, Thick Film

Coatings, Thin Film

Coatings, Visible

Optics | Optical Components | Optical Assemblies

Filters, Optical - Bandpass

Filters, Optical - Broadband

Filters, Optical - Color Correction

Filters, Optical - Dichroic Colour

Filters, Optical - Edge

Filters, Optical - Interference

Filters, Optical - Multispectral

Filters, Optical - Tunable

Filters, Optical - Wedge

Mirrors, Beamsplitting

Mirrors, Hot

Optical Coating Service