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About Us

Special Application Products supplies components and systems designed and specified with the machine vision industry in mind, LED lights at standard wavelengths, lens filters to match and enclosures to suit all types of cameras.


Additional light sources available are high frequency fluorescent linear lights, hf fluorescent ring lights, hf fluorescent light panels and fibre optic sources with accessories.


Powerful LED lights from Spectrum Illumination are available in a wide range of sizes from 25mm by 50mm linear lights to 2000mm and dome lights up to 743mm diameter. Wavelengths include all colours and Infra Red at 850nm (940nm possible) and UV at 365nm/395nm.


Our test lab will provide a free evaluation of samples supplied, with pictures returned via email of test results of the best lighting and lens filter solutions. On site visits are also possible to help with providing the best lighting and lens filter combination or customers are welcome to visit us in rural Suffolk at our countryside offices.

Special Application Products Ltd

Unit 5 Manor Farm Business Centre,
Manor Lane,
Manningtree Road
Stutton, Suffolk

CONTACTS Bernard Parry
TELEPHONE +44 (0)1473 327732
FAX +44 (0)08701 400163
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