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About Us

Scitec Instruments Polska distributes a complete range of photonic products of interest to both the research and development market as well as to industry. Products include: lasers and laser accessories; laser power & energy meters; laser safety products; optical components; optomechanical products;  infrared sensors and emitters;  ultraviolet sensors,  probes and monitoring instruments; LEDs; spectrometers; lock-in amplifiers & optical choppers;  displays; optical fibre test products; optical fibre video and data links.

Scitec Instruments Polska

Malinowskiego 1/12

CONTACTS Dr Dorota Oleszczak
TELEPHONE +48 (0)22 406 81 27
FAX +48 (0)22 406 81 27
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Product Categories

Displays | Readouts | Indicators

Displays, Laser

Displays, Light Emitting Diode (LED)

Displays, OLED

Fiber Optic Components, Systems & Accessories

Power Meters, Fiber Optic

Lasers | Laser Systems | Laser Accessories

Laser Pointers

Lasers, Diode - Low/Medium Power

Lasers, Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS)

Lasers, Excimer

Motion Control | Positioning | Support

Motion Control Equipment

Optics | Optical Components | Optical Assemblies

Crystals, Laser

Lenses, Aspheric

Lenses, Cylindrical

Lenses, Multi Element

Lenses, Other

Lenses, Spherical

Lenses, Ultraviolet (UV)

Mirrors, Aspheric

Mirrors, Ellipsoid

Mirrors, Flat

Mirrors, Spherical

Safety Equipment and Supplies

Laser Safety & Support

Sensors | Detectors | Transducers

Detectors, Ultraviolet



Supporting Electronics for Detectors