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About Us

Lattice Materials is a custom machining company working with high-purity silicon and germanium. The company produces infrared optics, laser mirrors, semiconductor consumables and thin-film sputtering targets. Lattice Materials is ITAR-compliant and maintains an ISO 9001:2008 QMS.

Lattice Materials

516 E Tamarack
Bozeman, MT

CONTACTS Peter Brown
TELEPHONE 1-406-586-2122
FAX 1-406-587-9055
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Electro-Optical Components and Devices

Crystals, Electro-Optic

Manufacturing, Fabrication & Testing Services

Chemical Testing Services

CNC Milling

CNC Turning

Contract Manufacturing

Cutting & Polishing

Dicing Service

Manufacturing, Custom Lens Systems

Manufacturing, Custom Optical Components

Manufacturing, Custom Optical Microstructures

Manufacturing, Opto-Mechanical and Opto-Electronic Systems

OEM Manufacturing

Materials | Coatings | Chemicals | Adhesives

Coatings, Infrared Absorbance

Coatings, Laser

Coatings, Metallic Thin Film

Coatings, Optical

Coatings, Reflective

Coatings, Silicon

Coatings, Solar Absorbance

Coatings, Thin Film

Crystals, Germanium (Ge)

Crystals, Optical

Germanium (Ge)

Materials, Coating

Optical Substrates


Silicon Materials

Optics | Optical Components | Optical Assemblies

Blanks, Lens

Blanks, Mirror - Metal

Crystals, Infrared

Lenses, Infrared (IR)

Lenses, Large

Light Pipes - IR


Mirrors, Beamsplitting

Mirrors, Laser

Mirrors, Paraboloid

Mirrors, Spherical

Mirrors, X-ray

Optical Components, Diamond-Turned

Windows, Optical