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About Us

Laser Research Optics offers factory direct replacement optics for nearly all industrial and engraving laser systems. Manufacturing and distributing out of Providence, Rhode Island, LRO is one of the only sources of American made internal optical components.

Laser Research Optics

120 Corliss Street
Providence, RI

CONTACTS Scott Rouillard
TELEPHONE 1-888-239-5545
FAX 1-401-331-4004
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Product Categories

Optics | Optical Components | Optical Assemblies


Blanks, Lens

Couplers, Laser Output

Lenses, Cylindrical

Lenses, Laser

Lenses, Meniscus

Lenses, Plano

Mirrors, Beamsplitting

Mirrors, Flat

Mirrors, Hot

Mirrors, Laser

Mirrors, Metal

Optics, Laser

Windows, Optical