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About Us

Based in Darmstadt, Germany, LOT-QuantumDesign GmbH was founded over 35 years ago as a distribution and technical support organization for scientific research institutes and industry and is the international headquarters and main office of the operation.


Today, LOT-QuantumDesign employs a dedicated team of 120 people in 10 countries across Europe and its product portfolio includes components and leading edge instrumentation with applications in Materials Characterization, Thin Film Analysis, Special Cameras and Imaging, Cryogenics/Magnetics, Spectroscopy, Photonics and Bio- and Nanotechnology.

LOT-QuantumDesign GmbH (Headquarters)

Im Tiefen See 58

TELEPHONE +49 61 51 88 06 0
FAX +49 61 51 89 66 67
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Product Categories

Cameras | Imaging | Vision

Imaging Systems, Hyperspectral

Cooling and Heating Components and Equipment

Coolers, Cryogenic

Electro-Optical Components and Devices

Spatial Light Modulators

LEDs | Non-Laser Light Sources | Illumination

Lamp Housings

Light Sources, Arc

Light Sources, Broadband

Microscopes | Microscope Accessories

Microscopes, Scanning Probe

Optics | Optical Components | Optical Assemblies

Filters, Optical - Interference

Sensors | Detectors | Transducers

Detectors, CCD/CMOS

Test, Measurement and Analysis Equipment & Instruments


Solar Radiation Measurement


Surface Profilers

Thin Film Measurement Equipment