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About Us

Established almost 30 years, Knight Optical has become recognised as a trusted name in quality precision optical component design, consultancy and manufacturing. Now a global leader in optical solutions, with offices in the United Kingdom and the USA, our goal is to continue building our reputation by delivering the superior optical products our customers demand, and the quality of service and personalised support they deserve.

Knight Optical is a worldwide supplier to a variety of industries. These include the
scientific, defence, security, aerospace, medical & biotech, pharmaceutical,
optoelectronic, engineering & manufacturing, entertainment, education, laser, and oil & gas industries, amongst many others.

Quality Assurance
As a customer of Knight Optical, you will benefit from exceptional commitment to quality in all respects. Your individual specifications are vitally important to us, which is precisely why pre-despatch testing is rigorous to the highest degree. Our onsite quality assurance and metrology departments take personal responsibility for ensuring each and every component that leaves our premises does so in strict accordance with customer requirements.

Knight Optical is ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 UKAS accredited. These ISO
standards are stringently adhered to throughout our entire organisation. You will find our professional workforce highly skilled and qualified. Our technical specialists are able to accurately interpret drawing specifications and are trained in drawing quality standards to ISO10110, BS4301 and MIL-SPEC, amongst others.


Turnaround and Value
Our customers appreciate not just our technical capabilities and quality commitment, but also our understanding of the importance of budget and timescale. By maintaining our operation at a manageable size, we have been able to remain competitive, so that our customers can do the same.


Custom Optical Solutions
We welcome the challenge of creating custom solutions for any of your optical innovations or challenges. Any specification, any material, any scope; you can be fully assured that whatever your unique requirement, you can enjoy complete trust in the true expertise of our respected optical component design and manufacturing specialists.


Stock Optical Components
Knight Optical is a global leader in stock optical components. We offer more than 3,000 products ready for despatch and available for next day delivery. So if you have an urgent requirement, you can consider it met by Knight Optical.


Partnerships and Support

Building partnerships with our customers is a key priority for Knight Optical. Our multilingual sales and technical support specialists are at your service at all times. We are committed to doing all we can to support your objectives and to understanding not just your requirements, but your reasoning behind them. This we have found a proven strategy in buoying the success of our customers.


Knight Optical (UK) Ltd

Roebuck Business Park
Harrietsham, Kent
ME17 1AB

TELEPHONE +44(0)1622 859444
FAX +44(0)1622 859555
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