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About Us

Johnson Bros. Metal Forming Co. is busy making solar panel frames and other solar energy components, such as supports and structure components for the solar panels, as well as reflectors and reflector troughs for solar concentrators. Aluminum solar frames along with high alloy stainless steel frames are made with the highest tolerances.

Johnson Bros Metal Forming Co.

5520 McDermott Drive
Berkeley, IL

CONTACTS Don Ebbinghaus or
Jim Cichowski
TELEPHONE 1-708-449-7050
FAX 1-708-449-0042
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Product Categories

Electro-Mechanical and Mechanical Devices & Equipment

Enclosures, Rack-Mount

Fluid & Gas Handling | Flow Control

Tubing, Metal

Manufacturing, Fabrication & Testing Services

Contract Manufacturing

Motion Control | Positioning | Support

Tubing, Structural Steel

Optics | Optical Components | Optical Assemblies

Filter Rings

Solar Photovoltaic | Solar Thermal

PV Mounting, Pole Mounts

PV Mounting, Structural Components

Solar Tracking Systems, For Concentrators

Solar Tracking Systems, Single Axis