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About Us

CVI Laser Optics manufactures an unparalleled offering of performance laser optics available from stock or as fully customized solutions. Specializing in a variety of standard and custom lenses, mirrors, prisms, filters and other optical components, CVI Laser Optics also offers custom optics and coatings in OEM production quantities for specific, laser based applications such as interferometry, machine vision, microscopy as well as laser beam delivery products.

CVI Laser Optics

200 Dorado Place SE
Albuquerque, NM

CONTACTS CVI Laser Optics Sales
TELEPHONE 505-296-9541
FAX 505-298-9908
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Product Categories

Manufacturing, Fabrication & Testing Services

High Precision Component Manufacture

Manufacturing, Custom Optical Components

OEM Manufacturing

Materials | Coatings | Chemicals | Adhesives

Coatings, Anti Reflective (AR)

Coatings, Beamsplitter

Coatings, Broadband

Coatings, Dichroic

Coatings, Dielectric

Coatings, Dielectric Thin Film

Coatings, High Damage Threshold

Coatings, High LDT

Coatings, Metallic

Coatings, Optical

Coatings, Polarizing

Coatings, Thin Film

Coatings, Visible

Glass, Infrared

Glass, Optical

Optical Substrates

Optics Packaging

Microscopes | Microscope Accessories

Objectives/Microscopy Lenses

Optics | Optical Components | Optical Assemblies

Beam Directors

Beam Expanders


Blanks, Lens

Blanks, Mirror - Glass & Glass-Ceramic

Blanks, Mirror - Metal

Blanks, Prism

Crystals, Birefringent and Polarizing

Crystals, Infrared

Crystals, Laser

Crystals, Sapphire

Domes/Hemispheres, Optical


Filter Arrays

Filter Rings

Filters, Optical - Absorption

Filters, Optical - Bandpass

Filters, Optical - Broadband

Filters, Optical - Colored Glass

Filters, Optical - Contrast Enhancement

Filters, Optical - Dichroic Colour

Filters, Optical - Diffractive

Filters, Optical - Infrared Absorbing

Filters, Optical - Infrared Transmitting

Filters, Optical - Interference

Filters, Optical - Laser Line

Filters, Optical - Laser Protective

Filters, Optical - Neutral Density

Filters, Optical - Pinhole

Filters, Optical - Polarising

Filters, Optical - Rejection Band

Filters, Optical - Tunable

Filters, Optical - Ultranarrow Spectral

Filters, Optical - Ultraviolet Absorbing

Filters, Optical - Ultraviolet Transmitting

Filters, Optical - Wedge

Glass Balls

Lenses, Achromatic

Lenses, Anamorphic

Lenses, Aspheric

Lenses, Camera

Lenses, Collimating

Lenses, Complex

Lenses, Condenser

Lenses, Cylindrical

Lenses, Diffractive

Lenses, Eyepieces

Lenses, Fresnel

Lenses, Gradient Index (GRIN)

Lenses, Infrared (IR)

Lenses, Large

Lenses, Laser

Lenses, Laser Diode Collimating

Lenses, Machine Vision

Lenses, Meniscus

Lenses, Microscope

Lenses, Miniature

Lenses, Molded

Lenses, Multi Element

Lenses, Other

Lenses, Plano

Lenses, Prismatic

Lenses, Sapphire

Lenses, Scanning

Lenses, Simple

Lenses, Spherical

Lenses, Ultraviolet (UV)

Lenses, Wide Angle



Mirrors, Aspheric

Mirrors, Beamsplitting

Mirrors, Concave and Convex, Spherical

Mirrors, Ellipsoid

Mirrors, Flat

Mirrors, Glass and Glass-Ceramic

Mirrors, Hyperboloid

Mirrors, Laser

Mirrors, Metal

Mirrors, Off-axis Paraboloid

Mirrors, Spherical

Mirrors, Ultraviolet

Optical Coating Service

Optical Components, Diamond-Turned

Optics, Infrared

Optics, Laser

Polarizers, Infrared

Polarizers, Sheet

Polarizers, Visible


Prisms, Nonpolarizing

Prisms, Polarizing

Prisms, Wafer

Rod Lenses


Wave Plates

Windows, Optical