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About Us

Active Silicon, founded in 1988, is a leading manufacturer of frame grabbers and embedded vision systems. These products have applications in virtually all areas of science and industry, including manufacturing, life sciences, medical imaging, security and defense.

Active Silicon Ltd

Pinewood Mews, Bond Close
Iver, Buckinghamshire

CONTACTS Andrew Buglass
TELEPHONE +44 1753 650600
FAX +44 1753 651661
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Product Categories

Cameras | Imaging | Vision

Frame Grabbers

High Speed Imaging/Motion Analysis

Image Compression Equipment

Image Compression Software

Image Enhancing Equipment

Image Processing Equipment

Image Processors

Image Software Libraries and Toolkits

Imaging Systems, High Content

Imaging Systems, Hyperspectral

Imaging Systems, Infrared

Imaging Systems, Night Vision

Imaging Systems, Thermal

Machine Vision Systems