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About Us

Abrisa Technologies is an integrated optical solutions provider designing and distributing precision thin-film coating, strengthening, custom fabricating and screen printing glass for optics applications. Its engineering staff and production teams work with you to develop custom-engineered optics solutions for your application-specific requirements.

Abrisa Technologies

200 South Hallock Drive
Santa Paula, CA

TELEPHONE 1-877-622-7472
FAX 1-805-525-8604
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Product Categories

Materials | Coatings | Chemicals | Adhesives

Coating Design Services

Coatings, Abrasion Resistant

Coatings, Anti Reflective (AR)

Coatings, Antifog

Coatings, Bandpass

Coatings, Beamsplitter

Coatings, Broadband

Coatings, Broadband Antireflective (BBAR)

Coatings, Color Correction

Coatings, Conductive

Coatings, Dichroic

Coatings, Dielectric Thin Film

Coatings, Heat Reflection

Coatings, Hydrophobic

Coatings, Indium Tin Oxide (ITO)

Coatings, Infrared Reflectance

Coatings, Metallic

Coatings, Metallic Thin Film

Coatings, Neutral Density

Coatings, Optical

Coatings, Polarizing

Coatings, Protective

Coatings, Reflective

Coatings, Silver

Coatings, Transparent Conductive

Optics | Optical Components | Optical Assemblies


Filters, Optical - Bandpass

Filters, Optical - Broadband

Filters, Optical - Color Correction

Filters, Optical - Dichroic Colour

Filters, Optical - Neutral Density

Filters, Optical - Notch

Mirrors, Beamsplitting

Mirrors, Cold

Mirrors, Hot

Mirrors, Metal

Optical Coating Service