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About Us

Gardasoft Vision is a manufacturer of high precision LED light controllers and high intensity LED lighting for machine vision applications.

Gardasoft Vision

Trinity Court
Buckingway Business Park
Swavesey, Cambridge
CB24 4UQ

CONTACTS Tony Carpenter
TELEPHONE +44 1954 234970
FAX +44 1954 231970
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Product Categories

Automation | Robotics | Process Control

Robots, Industrial - Inspection

LEDs | Non-Laser Light Sources | Illumination

Controllers, Lighting

Flash Lamps


Illumination - NIR

Illumination Systems, Machine Vision

Infra Red Sources

LEDs, Fiber Optic

LEDs, Infrared (IR)

LEDs, Organic (OLEDs)

LEDs, Superluminescent (SLEDs)

LEDs, Ultraviolet (UV)

LEDs, Visible

LEDs, White

Light Sources, Inspection

Light Sources, LED

Light Sources, Machine Vision

Light Sources, Miniature

Light Sources, Ultraviolet

Machine Vision Lighting