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About Us

Trident is a leader in the development and manufacture of both industrial piezoelectric ink jet printheads and ink jet inks. Trident was one of the pioneers of ink jet in the early 1980's jetting both liquid inks and hot melt inks. Today, Trident products are used in a variety of applications that require rugged, inert, stainless steel printheads for printing or accurately dispensing fluids reliably and frequently. Applications include digital patterned printing with etchants, dopants, metallic conductive inks and conductive fluids.


Trident printheads are marketed worldwide through original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the flat panel display manufacturing, printable electronics, wide format printing and precision coating markets. OEMs integrate Trident printheads into computer-controlled, application-specific products or systems which are then sold to end users. 

Trident Industrial Ink Jet

1114 Federal Road
Brookfield, CT

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