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About Us

Thin Metal Films is a precision thin film coating company offering a manufacturing service for a range of contract optical coatings covering wavelengths from the ultraviolet to the infrared.

Wide experience over 30 years has been gained in the application of thin film vacuum technology to markets for advanced products used in optical and electro optic systems, together with everyday products such as photocopiers and LCD televisions.

The large coating division can coat substrates up to 3m x 1.8m.  These coatings include single layer antireflection, beamsplitters, gold and aluminium.  The applications are vast, such as rear projection mirrors, prompting glass, special effects, astronomy and unbreakable mirrors.

Substrates up to 380mm diameter are processed in our precision coating division which specialises in thin films for optical and laser applications.  Coatings are carried out using both resistive and electron beam methods.

Thin Metal Films Ltd

Stroudley Road
Basingstoke, Hants
RG24 8UG

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