Awarded to companies that manufacture and/or distribute eco-friendly products; and/or their products are used primarily in eco-friendly applications.
Awarded to companies whose production facilities and manufacturing processes are eco-friendly.
Awarded to companies that recycle materials and dispose all hazardous and toxic waste in an eco-responsible manner.
Awarded to companies that are highly energy efficient.

About Us

Solar Panels UK is a free resource website offering a range of guides, tools and apps aimed at the consumer to help establish if solar energy is a viable option for them. This website is home to many renewable energy related resources, tools and applications including price comparison. The information is UK-specific.

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Product Categories

Solar Photovoltaic | Solar Thermal

Photovoltaic Cells, Monocrystalline Silicon

Photovoltaic Cells, Thin Film Cadmium Telluride (CdTe)

Photovoltaic Modules, Building Integrated (BIPV)

Photovoltaic Modules, Micromorph Tandem Thin Film

Photovoltaic Modules, Spherical Micro Solar Cell

Photovoltaic Modules, Thin Film Crystalline Silicon on Glass (CSG)

Photovoltaic Optimization Systems

Photovoltaic System Installation

Resource Assessment, Solar

Solar System Design, Photovoltaic