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About Us

Sinocera Photonics, Inc. was established in 1989 as a producer of waveplates for the optical communication industry. Afterwards, we expanded our product range to general optics including optical prisms (size from 0.5mm to 500mm, angle tolerance reach 2 arcsec, S/D reach 10/5, flatness λ/10 ), Optical lenses, (size from Φ3.0mm to Φ300mm, S/D reach 10/5, flatness λ/10 ) Optical mirrors, (size from 0.5mm to 300mm, S/D reach 10/5 before coating, flatness λ/20 ) optical windows, (size from 0.5mm to 300mm, S/D reach 10/5 transmission wavefront distortion λ/10 ) waveplates, (S/D 10/5, transmission wavefront distortion λ/10, retardation tolerance λ/500) PBS cubes  (Both single wavelengthTp>95.0%,Rs>99.5% and broad wavelength Tpavg>92%,Rs>99.5%).

Sinocera Photonics, Inc.

No 1258 BoXue Road, JiaDing

TELEPHONE +86-21-39160275
FAX +86-21-59169897
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