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About Us

RSoft Design Group provides the most comprehensive set of advanced software tools available for the design and simulation of photonics devices, systems and networks.

BeamPROP, FemSIM and FullWAVE are tools for mode solving, designing optical waveguides, WDM, photonic crystals, ring resonators and photonic nanostructure devices. BandSOLVE is able to analyse photonic band gap structures, whereas DiffractMOD and GratingMOD provide rigorous simulation and analysis of gratings and diffractive optical structures. LaserMOD is an extremely advanced too for the design of active devices, such as semiconductor lasers.

Their system level tools, OptSim and ModeSYS allow the analysis of complete optical systems, providing eye diagrams, bit error rates, electrical and optical signal analysis and much more. And their large scale tools, Artifex and MetroWAND provide analysis and planning of complete optical networks, switching and protocols.

RSoft Design UK Ltd

11 Swinborne Drive,
Springwood Industrial Estate
Braintree, Essex

TELEPHONE +44 (0)1376 528 556
FAX +44 (0)1376 528 651
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