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About Us

Pomona Electronics is recognized worldwide as being of high quality, dependable and reliable. Its broad line of connection and electronic test accessories for various types of applications include engineering research, test labs, field service and many other applications. 

Pomona Electronics

9028 Evergreen Way
Everett, WA

TELEPHONE 1-800-490-2361
FAX 1-425-446-5844
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Product Categories

Electrical and Electronic Components and Devices

Connectors, Input/Output

Connectors, Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Connectors, RF & Coaxial

Meters, Digital

Electro-Mechanical and Mechanical Devices & Equipment

Enclosures, Electronic & Instrument

Test, Measurement and Analysis Equipment & Instruments

Multimeters, Digital


Test Clips

Test Probes

Wire, Cables and Wiring Accessories

Cable Assemblies

Cables, Coaxial/Triaxial