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About Us

Phosctech Photonics Ltd  is a manufacturer of  optics, crystals  and security surveillance products. Its products include optical windows,  optical lenses,  optical prisms, polarizing optics, beamsplitters, mirrors , infrared and UV crystals (CaF2, MgF2 , NaCl, BaF2, LiF, ZnSe), photorefractive crystals(BaTiO3 single crystals, Fe:LiNbO3), laser crystals (Ti:sapphire, Nd:YVO4 crystals, Nd:YAG crystals), NLO crystals (BBO crystals, KTP crystals, KDP, KTaO3), birefringent crystals (YVO4, a-BBO, calcite), CCTV lenses, CCTV cameras and telecom optics. It also provides many kinds of anti-reflective coatings, partial reflective coatings, beamsplitter coatings and high reflective coatings.

Phosctech Photonics Ltd

No 138, Wusi Road

TELEPHONE +86 0 591 87846955
FAX +86 0 591 87856157
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