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About Us

PV Measuremen​ts, Inc. is a manufacturer of complete solutions for solar cell characterization including quantum efficiency/IPCE/spectral response measurement systems, I-V curve measurement systems, photovoltaic reference cells and solar simulator optimization tools.

PV Measurements, Inc.

5757 Central Ave. Ste. B
Boulder, CO

CONTACTS Cherie Berdovich
TELEPHONE 1-303-386-3950
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Product Categories

Lab Equipment | Lab Supplies | Scientific Lab Instruments

Cells, Photovoltaic Reference

Cells, Spectrophometer

Manufacturing & Processing Tools & Equipment

Data Acquisition Equipment & Systems

PV Cell Manufacturing - Cell Production Testing Equipment

PV Cell Manufacturing - Cell Testing & Sorting Equipment


Software, Data Acquisition

Software, Visualization

Test, Measurement and Analysis Equipment & Instruments

Analyzers, Solar Panel Efficiency

Curve Tracers - Solar Cell Characterisation

Incident Photon Conversion Efficiency (IPCE) Measurement Systems

Solar Cell I-V Test Systems

Solar Cell Spectral Response Measurement Systems

Solar Simulators



Spectrum Measuring Instruments, Visible