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About Us

Oxford Laser Ltd manufactures high-speed imaging systems for particle image velocimetry (PIV), micro PIV, particle droplet sizing, spray analysis and flow visualization, and laser micromachining systems for laser microhole drilling, precision machining, laser ablation, cutting and scribing. They also provide R&D, process development, and subcontract photonics production services.

Oxford Lasers Ltd

Unit 8, Moorbrook Park,
Didcot, Oxon
OX11 7HP

TELEPHONE +44 (0)1235 810088
FAX +44 (0)1235 810060
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Product Categories

Cameras | Imaging | Vision

Cameras, High Speed

Lasers | Laser Systems | Laser Accessories

Laser Systems, Cutting

Laser Systems, Drilling

Laser Systems, Micromachining

Laser Systems, Velocimetry

Lasers, Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS)

Manufacturing, Fabrication & Testing Services

Laser Micromachining Services


Software, Image Analysis

Software, Image Processing