Awarded to companies that manufacture and/or distribute eco-friendly products; and/or their products are used primarily in eco-friendly applications.
Awarded to companies whose production facilities and manufacturing processes are eco-friendly.
Awarded to companies that recycle materials and dispose all hazardous and toxic waste in an eco-responsible manner.
Awarded to companies that are highly energy efficient.

About Us

Moxtek is a leading supplier of x-ray and optical components for analytical instrumentation and display electronics. Moxtek is focused on providing innovative, solution-based products and services that set the standard for quality, value and dependability.

Moxtek Inc.

452 W 1260 N
Orem, UT

CONTACTS Shaun Ogden
TELEPHONE 1-801-225-0930
FAX 1-801-221-1121
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Product Categories

Cooling and Heating Components and Equipment

Coolers, Detector

Heat Sinks

Displays | Readouts | Indicators

Displays, Projection

Manufacturing & Processing Tools & Equipment

Optical Coating Equipment and Systems

Materials | Coatings | Chemicals | Adhesives

Abrasives, Bonded

Adhesives, Epoxy

Optics | Optical Components | Optical Assemblies


Lenses, Miniature

Lenses, Wide Angle

Micro Lens Arrays

Optics, Infrared

Polarizers, Infrared

Polarizers, Wire Grid

Power Supplies | Power Converters | Power Conditioners

Power Supplies, Cathode Ray Tube (CRT)

Sensors | Detectors | Transducers

Detector Arrays

Detectors, CCD/CMOS

Test, Measurement and Analysis Equipment & Instruments

Spectrometers, Infrared

Spectrometers, Ultraviolet