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About Us

Lumera Laser GmbH develops and manufactures picosecond lasers (ps-lasers)  for materials micro-processing. These ultra-short pulse lasers offer a new quality in laser micromachining by cold ablation, a cold removal of very thin material layers, nearly without any thermal side-effects like burrs and micro-cracks. Applications include the manufacture of steel-masks for the display industry, micro-structuring semiconductor and solar cell layers, repair of lithographic masks, manufacture of micro-vias and micro-markings, and the structuring of material surfaces to change their properties, (e.g., reduction of friction).

Lumera Laser GmbH

Opelstr 10
Kaiserslautern, RP

CONTACTS Bernhard Klimt
TELEPHONE +49-6301-32013-180
FAX +49-6301-32013-189
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