Awarded to companies that manufacture and/or distribute eco-friendly products; and/or their products are used primarily in eco-friendly applications.
Awarded to companies whose production facilities and manufacturing processes are eco-friendly.
Awarded to companies that recycle materials and dispose all hazardous and toxic waste in an eco-responsible manner.
Awarded to companies that are highly energy efficient.

About Us

With a 50-year history of creating efficiencies through light-based measurement, LumaSense Technologies, Inc., delivers innovative temperature and gas sensing instruments for the energy, industrial, clean technology and commercial markets. LumaSense’s priority is always to develop the best solutions now and into the future.

LumaSense Technologies Inc.

3301 Leonard Ct.
Santa Clara, CA

CONTACTS Brett Sargent
TELEPHONE 1-800-631-0176
FAX 1-408-727-1677
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