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About Us

Leysop Ltd is an electro-optic based company manufacturing components mainly for laser systems. These electro-optic components include Electro-optic Modulators for amplitude and phase modulation and Miniature Q-switches with rise times of less than Ins and repetition rates of up to 30kHz.

Other non-active components include Faraday Rotators; Optical Prism polarisers of the GlanTaylor, Glan Thompson, Wollaston and Rochon designs; Retardation Plates and Depolarisers.

Leysop Ltd carry out Design & Development work for customers needs in the above component areas and also provide a Crystal Fabrication, optical coating and polishing service.

Leysop Ltd

18 Repton Court, Repton Close
Basildon, Essex
SS13 1LN

CONTACTS Steve Payne
TELEPHONE +44 (0)1268 522111
FAX +44 (0)1268 522111
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