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About Us

Laser-Export Company specializes in the field of DPSS lasers R&D and manufacturing based on Laser-compact Co. 19-year custom-design experience. The company offers CW and pulsed UV, green and IR lasers for use in Raman spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, laser microdissection, laser microscopy, holography and positioning.

Laser-export Co. Ltd

3, Vvedensky Street

CONTACTS Natalia Gavrilenko
TELEPHONE +7 495 720 5450
FAX +7 495 720 5451
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Product Categories

Lasers | Laser Systems | Laser Accessories

Laser Cavities

Lasers for interferometry

Lasers, Deep UV (DUV)

Lasers, Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS)

Lasers, Infrared

Lasers, Nd:YAG

Lasers, Nd:YLF

Lasers, Nd:YVO

Lasers, Near-Infrared (NIR)

Lasers, Q Switched

Lasers, Ultraviolet (UV)

Single Frequency Lasers