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About Us

Lapp Tannehill offers wire, cables and accessories for the solar industry, including photovoltaic (PV) wire and solar cables with solar identification labels, as well as wire management products: flexible conduit, heat-shrink tubing, liquid tight PVC tubing and strain reliefs for reliable, durable solar systems. More than 300 suppliers support its PV product offerings.

Lapp Tannehill, Inc

8675 Eagle Creek Parkway
Savage, MN

CONTACTS Mark Babcock
TELEPHONE 1-800-633-6339
FAX 1-952-881-0743
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Product Categories

Electrical and Electronic Components and Devices

Connectors, Multicontact

Fiber Optic Components, Systems & Accessories

Cable Management Products - Fiber Optic

Wire, Cables and Wiring Accessories

Cable & Wire Management Products

Cable Assemblies

Cable Glands & Grips

Cable Wraps & Ties

Cables, Abrasion-resistant

Cables, Coaxial/Triaxial

Cables, Flame-retardant

Cables, Fluid Resistant

Cables, Halogen free

Cables, Heat-/Cold-Resistant

Cables, High Current

Cables, High Voltage

Cables, Moisture Resistant

Cables, Ozone Resistant

Cables, Photovoltaic

Cables, Ultraviolet Radiation-Resistant

Cables, Weather Resistant

Tubing, Heat Shrink

Wire Ducts