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About Us

FEMTOLASERS is a premiere provider of reliable state-of-the-art ultrafast photonics. Offering solutions beyond products is a vital part of our business. We manufacture ultrafast lasers for both scientific and industrial use: compact CE-Phase stabilized amplifier systems and hands-free fs oscillators offer few cycle optical pulses with megawatt and multi-gigawatt peak powers at MHz and kHz repetition rates. FEMTOLASERS' ultrafast laser and laser accessories portfolio is complemented by FEMTOOPTICS, our dedicated line of cutting-edge optics for femtosecond pulse manipulation. Our product palette is augmented by extensive technical consulting and tailored offerings to constitute the ideal solution for a wide range of scientific, medical and industrial applications. 


1 Mifflin Place,
119 Mt. Auburn St. Suite 400
Cambridge, MA

CONTACTS Dr. Andrew Jones
TELEPHONE 1-978-456-9920
FAX 1-978-456-9922
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