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About Us

Evans Components is a leading manufacturer of innovative, high quality quarter turn valves, hook-up stick assemblies, manifolds and piping systems for PCW (Process Cooling Water), CFOS (Clean For Oxygen Service) grade utility gases, and UHP (Ultra High Purity) gases.

Evans Components, Inc.

7606 SW Bridgeport Road
Portland, OR

TELEPHONE 1-971-249-1600
FAX 1-971-249-1601
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Product Categories

Fluid & Gas Handling | Flow Control

Gauges, Pressure

Hose Fittings and Clamps

Regulators, Air Pressure

Regulators, Gas - High Purity

Regulators, Gas Pressure

Regulators, Pressure

Tubing, Metal

Valves, Air

Valves, Ball

Valves, Butterfly

Valves, Hydraulic

Valves, Industrial

Valves, Water