Awarded to companies that manufacture and/or distribute eco-friendly products; and/or their products are used primarily in eco-friendly applications.
Awarded to companies whose production facilities and manufacturing processes are eco-friendly.
Awarded to companies that recycle materials and dispose all hazardous and toxic waste in an eco-responsible manner.
Awarded to companies that are highly energy efficient.

About Us

Colnatec manufactures high-precision crystal sensors (QCMs), heated sensor holders and electronic instrumentation for film thickness measurement used in making thin-film solar cells, OLED displays (cell phones, monitors) and lighting, optics, high-speed electrical devices and semiconductor wafers. 


511 W. Guadalupe Road Suite 23
Gilbert, AZ

CONTACTS Stephany Rendon-Lara
TELEPHONE 1-480-634-1449
FAX 1-480-634-4339
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Product Categories

Electro-Mechanical and Mechanical Devices & Equipment

High Vacuum Components

Manufacturing & Processing Tools & Equipment

Deposition Equipment, Cell Coating

Deposition Equipment, Large-Area Glass

Deposition Equipment, Physical Vapour (PVD)

PV Cell Manufacturing - Cell Coating Equipment

Thin Film Coating Equipment and Systems

Vacuum Deposition Equipment

Manufacturing, Fabrication & Testing Services

Manufacturing, Custom Sensors

Test, Measurement and Analysis Equipment & Instruments

Coating Testing & Monitoring Equipment

Thin Film Measurement Equipment