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About Us

Axetris AG, formerly IR Microsystems' Laser Gas Detector 'microLGD' is a stand-alone system or OEM sub-mount for continuous monitoring of gases in safety and selected process control applications. Based on tunable diode laser spectrometry (TDLS), the system has virtually no cross-sensitivity with other gases and features an innovative, measurement principle without the need for a reference-channel (patented). The unit is built ready-to-use for rapid OEM integration into stand-alone units, detector networks or explosion-proof housings. PPM-levels of gases like ammonia, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ethylene, hydrogen fluorite, methane, oxygen, water, etc. can be measured.

Axetris AG

Schwarzenbergstrasse 10

CONTACTS Andreas Seifert
TELEPHONE +41 41 662 76 76
FAX +41 41 662 75 25
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