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About Us

Akela Laser is a manufacturer of high-power laser diodes and custom laser assemblies that incorporate optics, thermal management and drive electronics in wavelengths ranging from 635nm to 1950nm. It also provides custom laser drivers and laser systems, as well as standard laser diode packages in both free space and fibre-coupled configurations.

AKELA Laser Corporation

2031 US Highway 130 Suite G
Monmouth Junction, NJ

CONTACTS Bob Sellers
TELEPHONE 1-732-305-7105
FAX 1-732-305-7057
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Product Categories

Lasers | Laser Systems | Laser Accessories

Laser Systems, Custom

Lasers, Custom Design

Lasers, Diode

Lasers, Diode - Arrays/Bars

Lasers, Diode - Fiber Coupled

Lasers, Diode - High Power

Lasers, Diode - Modules

Lasers, Diode - Pulsed

Lasers, Indium-Gallium-Arsenic-Phosphide (InGaAsP)

Single Frequency Lasers